Most questions apply to coax feeder and antennas, how does it work, which is a good antenna (Arial), where should your antenna be on the truck, what about the SWR

cb1Antennas, Transmission Lines (coax often), Propagation (the way the radio signal travels when it leaves the antenna or arrives at the antenna).

These three subjects can be complex, so full details are always required. There are, however, some basic rules, so I will try to be as clear as possible with answers. There are a lot of 'Myths' regarding antennas (aerials), for example, fancy names and prices don’t mean better antennas. Base station antennas included.

Digital aerials/antennas (often so called but read on) can be used in caravans or mobile homes. These TV Antennas/Aerials which are used by caravanners and truck (HGV) drivers (WVM) whenever they are in mobile situations will be different from the aeria/antenna you have on the outside of your house. Campervans and those with a laptop computer can also use portable or mobile TV antennas/aerials... but what type should you buy?

tv1This article looks at an antenna or aerial (they are the same thing?) for the travelling person, but reading it you will see enough to guide you regards your home digital TV aerial/antenna situation where you may need an antenna with a larger frequency range. However, don't panic because the rule is wait and see. You will still get most channels if not all of them without an aerial/antenna change. If you are in digital range today don't be concerned if you can't receive the signal well enough for a picture because they are just about all on quite low power until the switch over for that area; this is to prevent interference on the present analogue channels.

importSince this page was produced in 1997 terms and conditions for importing vehicles into the UK have changed dramatically, and as a result I have removed the text and placed the below link for those who still visit this old page and who find it on a search. I suggest you go to this site and get the latest information. Transport Cafe knows how hard it can be to find information on some websites, which is why this page will remain.

Importing A Vehicle

Zenloc Container Alarm

zenloc For years the freight industry has suffered losses in many forms. A lot of which occur while the vehicle carrying freight is at rest and the driver is away from the vehicle taking a break or asleep in his cab. The rear doors of these containers are often forced open and the security is easily breached. This system, the Zenloc Container Alarm, has been designed to warn of such an intrusion. Unlike other security devices already in use, this system is completely stand alone from any electrical systems on the vehicle and gives added driver protection.

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