Are you a fan of the My Mistake features in Trucking magazine? If so, you now have the chance to peruse them at your leisure on Transport Café. Take a look back at some of the funniest trucking mishaps illustrated beautifully by Steve Shaw.

My Mistake Don't Push

If you’re going to get stuck, do it in style.

By Bill Dean. Illustration: Steve Shaw.

For many of you reading this, the sign “Don’t Push” on the back of some wagons is just an amusing piece of graffiti. It’s the signwritten version of finger scrawl in traffic film: “I wish your wife was as dirty as this,” or “More drops than Santa.”

Trucking slabs 0006editedA giant game of dominoes can be a costly affair.


When you're young and eager to get the job done, you never admit to anybody you're not up to the job in hand. But if I hadn't been so inexperienced and eager to please, the following tale would never have happened.

Trucking Weather ColourededitedSometimes mother nature’s moods can be as destructive as they are diverse.


Many years ago, and in another life, Her Majesty treated me to loads of lessons on the art of driving – not only on the roads, but on freezing snow, hot sand, with very heavy loads, and also with blue lights pursuit. So, once I was back in civvy street, I counted myself reasonably able to negotiate the UK network of roads as a truck driver.

Trucking Pit Stop Coloured NEWeditedEven the most seasoned driver can be caught out by mother nature.


One of the things you're going to have to deal with when driving lorries, at some point or another, is being caught short. Often we can be miles from the nearest toilet facility, and that can have potentially disastrous consequences. It really doesn't explain why so many people pee down the side of their trailer at motorway services when there are actual toilets mere seconds away, or fling worrying looking bottles of yellow liquid at the roadside instead of disposing of things properly – but that's another story.

Trucking Ice Trucker 360 NEWeditedversion2The long journey to Canada is littered with stories of hopefuls who didn't make it. Let us tell you a cautionary tale.

By Big Ron, told to Dougie Rankine. ILLUSTRATION STEVE SHAW.

Andy had arrived in Alberta having been recruited by a large company, which hauls fridge trailers. He arrived the day after me, having been recruited in England. For some reason, he'd been on a flight to Ontario, then transferred to Calgary when it was possible to fly direct, and he was spitting feathers about that, right from the start. All these drivers were in this big hotel together and a few of us were pretty excited, taking the attitude that we had burned our bridges and we were here in Canada for an adventure, come what may.

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